Wet body everyone crazy to see her dance If you see, you'll be surprised

The body dries in the dancing - the way of the body wetting the body, everyone drunk everyone drunk. At present, a hot trend of hot girls in dance performance has become a trend. These beautiful girls entertain the guests with different types of sexy orgies. That girl is as much as

The more money or honor will be given to the better audience. So these girls also use different techniques to heat the viewers. This young man drowned the body with water and made everyone crazy.

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How long should a husband or wife have sexual intercourse?

This kind of question often comes from young people. So I thought there was an open discussion about the matter. Unmarried young people often ask more about how much time should be done for a husband or wife to have sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse.

Recently, a study published in the International Journal of Sexual Medicine found that "the best time for sexual intercourse is from 7 (seven) to 13 (thirteen) minutes" but Dr. Eric Kottry, Behrend College in Eric, Pennsylvania, demonstrated in his research - 3 (Three) Minute Love Parlor Milne is 'Enough'

The researchers have asked sex experts about the belief that their penitative sex, which is based on sexual intercourse, and intimate intercourse. That is why American and Canadian couples are questioned by random selection. The answer to all of them was - seven to thirteen minutes of sexual intercourse 'good or bad'.

The end of the study is said to be "adequate" on the total of 3 (3) to 7 (seven) minutes, but less time for three minutes is "very short time" and more than thirty minutes is more "long time".

This research was originally directed to eliminate the "unreal imagination" of the female sex workers' period.

Because News.com. According to the introduction of Irik Kotri, the unrealistic imagination of women is that the sex of the male is firm and firm, strong like a rod, and capable to meet all night long. On the other hand, in the thoughts of men - women will be sex-friendly, chubby and beautiful in the bed, associate in all situations.

After giving their reply to the participating couple, instructions about sex / norms were given. They were advised to become realistic when they came out of the strange imagination as a sign of satisfaction in physical interaction.

According to the data available in another study - the difference between time-consuming sex is based on sex education, region, skin color, and physical size differences.

South Asian countries such as: - Bangladesh, India, Myanmar (middle-class people of brown skin) means that the mean time of penultative sex (Penitative sex) is 4 (four) minutes, which is called "sufficient".

Note that - In this region, women in this region will feel ignorance and companions, because they are not active during the meeting, they are able to achieve full-time satisfaction in comparison to the western world.

I hope that all of you have become realistic about the relation between husband and wife, or sexual intercourse. Another thing to remember is that the stability of sexual intercourse in men does not depend on their will.

It depends directly on the physical ability. Therefore, through regular nutritional food, exercise, etc. men can retain the ability of sexual intercourse, in this case there is no need to take any medicines.

Studies have shown that many men eat different types of herbal medicines for sexual energy, and at one time they lose their sexual ability, even if no other medicine works for them.

So do not waste any excitatory herbal medicines without any medical advice or at any other time. Because that's the time to make your sex life upset.

If there is a problem with your home, take homeopathy treatment which will take you to a cure for a few days and you will never have to drink medicines for it.

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