Why is the fish rain? You will be surprised if you know. See with the video

Why is the rain of God, why is the rain of fish ..? You will be surprised if you know. See with the video: How much we know about the mysteries of this world. It is a great responsibility to know the great Creator, who is hidden in the world. Everywhere that happens in the world, whose interpretation

No one can give. Fish rain is also an incident. Rain falls like a rainstorm in the rainstorm. It is surprising to hear that the water in the real rain is not water. This event occurs every year. Hundreds of tourists gathered in the crowd to see. See detailed video with.

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Do these 5 things with your wife before going to sleep, then she will never fool you ...

It is not a simple task to keep your marriage with your wife before you go to sleep. After marriage, the husband and wife have to sacrifice themselves to many kinds of sacrifice.

And sometimes some small mistakes about this can lead to your relationship in a very big place. And your small mistake can make your married life hell. You have seen that many girls can not adjust themselves properly with their husband after marriage.

And only boys are responsible for breaking these relationships, girls are equally responsible for them. And you have heard that no day has been heard in one hand. And after marriage, if your wife is leaving you with another man, then you are responsible for it.

And if you want to maintain your relationship, then sometimes romance with your partner. Because the love between the two is not in the mind, but sometimes it is about to romance. Romance destroys all disputes between husband and wife.

Every girl wants to love her life partner more than everyone else. And if he does not get that love, then he is more attracted to another man.

And if you hug your life partner all day before sleeping, then all of these mistakes are shot and your life will be happy.

The process of expressing each person's love is different. And there is a kind of kissing thing in it that has overcome all the wrongs of the mind. And there is a different kind of physical relationship between men and women only.

So, once a week, have more physical relationships with him. And the biggest thing is to appreciate each other and see if your relation will never come to a place to break.

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