Women in the village who are forbidden to wear blouses, wear sari without blouse!

The women in the village - the greatness of the blouse, There is no pair of sarees to enhance the beauty. No matter how simple the sari is, the long line outside the boutique to make the blouse more palatable in Halifi. But there is also a place where women do not have to pay for blouses.

It's also year after year. But that's the way it's coming out here. The women working in the tribal areas of India are heard without saying that the blouse was not accompanied by sarees. According to this tradition, women are not allowed to wear blouses.

They do not wear themselves, do not wear any other woman in the village. But there is a change. And by the rules, a girl or a blouse started wearing. And the villagers have been accused of disrespecting them.

Many people still want to retain this tradition. Older village elders used to respect almost a thousand old customs. According to many, the absence of blouse is also quite beneficial during work hours. While working in the field, get the benefit of these women.

Even during the summer, there is some relief as this blouse is not available. In the current city, after the souvenir without blouse, call photoshoot or modeling; And this style is being acclaimed. So, with all the advantages, why would the women go to blouse?

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