18+ videos but very interesting videos, if you see You'll love it very much

18+ videos but highly qualified videos. It will be good to see you too. Media with the media is the mirror of society. What is happening in our society every time the media work is being highlighted on the screen. There are many things happening in our society behind the curtains

The events that are not in our eyes. Many black sections of the society which remain behind the scenes. Which brings us to the media. Although this video is 18+ but also educative Watch the video complete. Do not understand if you are not completely seen.

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Gayle complained not to talk!

Chris Gayle is one of the best performers in the IPL this year. The Gayle, however, went from undeclared to the first day's auction. Gayle bought the base price for two million rupees at the end of the second day of the auction, Preity Zinta

Kings XI Punjab: Royal Challengers Bangalore spoke with Gayle Ultimately, for the RCB and Agooney Gayle. Gayle also surprised to be left out of the auction.

Gayle has played in Kolkata Knight Riders for three years from 2008 to 2010. In 2011, he joined Royal Challengers Bangalore. Bengaluru has not kept the 'Caribbean giant' for the bad form.

Gayle claims that the Bengaluru officials contacted him before the auction. However, no one else contacted. Gill's statement, that the Bengalis had communicated with him. He told him to be in the team.

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