Incredible - Watch live video fishing with 52 kg weight

Incredible - Watch live video of Katna fishing weighing 52 kgs: Fishing is very much favorite hobby. Many people catch this fishing and sail around the country. Many people will go to pick up a fishing ticket, they go there. However, these fishes of the fisherman's hobby are sitting in the hobby

The fish are hunting. Catalonia is one of the big fish. This fish is very fast. But catching them is not easy. These hard work and hard work are also required to catch fish. The only ones who understand the fish. See today's 52kg live cathlon live video.

Click below to view the video.

The video is below the post. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the video.

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No money for home renting, to meet sexual needs
Instead of money, the UK's home owners have offered to hire young people in exchange for meeting sexual needs. In a group of social media Facebook, it has been removed in the face of advertising and criticism. BuzzFeed News search

It has come, the UK is offering these advertisements to attract young people. And these ads have been published in Facebook, CraigList and home rental ad site, Roombadgeeta. Advertising on these sites is being said that instead of paying house rent, the house will have to be cleaned and provided for sex.

Many young people responded to those advertisements and wrote, "They want to stay anywhere." At that time, the report of BazFeed interviewed a man who has been raped many times by his own house owner.

Meanwhile, social media has removed the advertisement of sex in exchange for a home-based violation of the United Kingdom's Sexual Offenses Act-2003.

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