Real facts !! See the road from day to day The school girl is taking the ghost, Caught in the camera

Real facts !! Seeing the school girl being taken off the road from day to day! Then, after the horrific incident, all the people who have heard about jinn or a fairy man will hear it, In their lifetime, they are also self-destructive

Their claim is said to have been made. However, many people in today's modern era are reluctant to accept these. Yet many miracles happen around us. It is still heard that the lifting of the jin or the elf. Look at an incident video as well.

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What is the real mystery of these hanging stones?

What are the real mysteries of the stone - the picture posted on Facebook!People of different countries of India know this as miraculous stone.Many say different types of speech!Someone again called it a wizard.

Some people say that 1400 years ago the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had left the stone two necklaces.There are many who claim that the stone remains hanging in the zodiac even today.

Allah Almighty created us this world world in just 6 days.In this world Allah Almighty has created many signs for us to prove his own identity.

He has recited many miracles in this world so that we can know about his identity and power and find the right path by believing in him.

He sent many prophets and messengers to the world for the release of humanity and provided them with many miracles.

As the Musa (A) 's rod turned into a serpent, the road between the sea and Yunus (A) was released from the stomach of fish, the rising of Jesus, the sign of the hand of Muhammad (pbuh), and thesplitof the moon.

But this stone is not something like that.Actually it's a sculpture!This sculpture, which was seen hanging on the entrance to Cairo airport in Egypt, has been established.The stone was built in 2008,

Its creator, Vetskara Shaban Abbas The reasons for the sculpture to remain so that the stone is not the stone, but the thin milled steel sheet is painted like a stone outside.

The rope is mainly the iron rod which is strongly connected to the earth with the adjacent parts of the bottom stone.Just for the sake of entertaining the eyes of people's eyebrows.

When we see these, we think it is the amazing power of Allah Pak's mujiza or Messenger (pbuh).And the disbelievers look down on us as we think of this.

So we should come out of blind faith and follow the right commands of Islam correctly.Give us the right knowledge of the great almighty al-Qur'an.Amin.

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