See the most horrific fights in Wrestling history, No one will see the weak heart

See the most horrific fights in Wrestling history. No one will see the weak heart: Wrestling is a popular game at the present time. Most people see wrestling at least. Especially in the nineties when WWF continued to see everyone wrestling.

Even today wrestling's popularity is very much. Although many say playing wrestling, sometimes some fights hold terrible rhetoric. Someone can go out of the fight during this fight. Do not watch the videos weak. See that video.

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Suddenly, in the live broadcast of Saudi women, the young Wrestler, then ...

During the live wrestling broadcast in Saudi Arabia on television, the presence of Wrestler in the dresses suddenly appeared in the screen. The authorities have expressed regret for the incident.

Yesterday, the World Wrestling Entertainment organized the match in Jeddah with a lot of preparation. In the match between the two countries of Saudi Arabia and Iran, The Saudi wrestler has won Both men and women were present in the audience ranks, although no woman participated in the fight for Wisla.

But the problem starts in another place. When advertisements were shown to the women wearing short clothing, Wrestler stopped broadcasting, State TV stopped broadcasting. But during the wrestling, the authorities could not stop the scene immediately at the auditorium's big TV screen.

As a result, everyone present in the Wrestling Arena saw the scene. The Saudi General Sports Authority apologized for this 'obscene' scene. Wrestling or wrestling was one of the rough strangers in Saudi Arabia for a time.

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