Some incredible activities in the world, You will be surprised to see - Look at the video

Some incredible activities in the world. If you see that you will fall in love. We only saw good aspects of the world. I did not see the disadvantage. Which will also give you a feeling. If you watch the video, your ideas will be changed.

 Media is the mirror of society. What is happening in our society every time the media work is being highlighted on the screen. There are many incidents that we do not see in our society behind the scenes. Many black sections of the society which remain behind the scenes.

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Written love letters to a girl named Kohli!

He governed regular bowlers with bat in hand. As a result, countless women devotees of Kohli are easily understood. But the crazy madness of women fans have created embarrassing times. Virat Kohli shared such an experience of the past in an interview.

He said, 'We got a love letter written with blood. It was very bad. The events of Delhi. I was driving in the car. To sign a paper, I dropped the window of the car window. Suddenly something was rolling around.

Did not understand who gave it. Only the name was written. I gave the security guard immediately. I could not take it. It was so terrible. "Kohli said in another incident," This happened probably at the time of the IPL.

I was sleeping on earphones with earrings. I saw a baby in the lap Someone was leaning towards my shoulders. Actually one was trying to take my self-life.

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